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Brewed in Separated Kettles: Sulfur in Blood Cells of Ascidia ceratodes from Monterey Bay and Bodega Bay
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Presenter Patrick Frank
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Full Author List Britt Hedman, Keith O. Hodgson

Stanford University


Sulfur within whole blood cells and cell-free blood plasma of Ascidia ceratodes from both Monterey Bay and Bodega Bay, California, has been speciated using K-edge x-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS). The subject populations are separated by about 220 km of coastline, but are open to slow gene flow. Expected similarities include sulfate, cysteine, and cystine. Differences are many, and include the unusual functional groups epi-sulfide, thiadiazole, and aromatic sulfur, e.g., benzothiazole. The array of functional groups varies with the individual. The complete Ascidian sulfurous brew would grace the cauldron of Macbethean witches.



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