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A New Capability at SSRL: Resonant Soft X-ray Scattering
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Presenter Hoyoung Jang
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Full Author List Glen Kerr, Abraham Maciel, Alex Garachtchenko, Tracy Yott1, Mike Horton, Mike Nalls, Bart Johnson, Donghui Lu, Chi-Chang Kao, Pe



SSRL recently developed a resonant soft x-ray scattering (RSXS) capability which is very powerful for exploring material sciences – emergent quantum materials (oxides) and energy materials (organics, energy storage). Because the RSXS technique probes structural, and chemical specific information via a spatial periodicity of charge, orbital, spin, and lattice. Furthermore, the soft x-ray range is particularly relevant for a study of soft materials as it covers the K-edge of C, N, F, and O, and the L-edges of transition metals. This RSXS end-station composed of in-vacuum 4-circle diffractometer. Liquid helium cryostat enables research of low temperature (T~ 25K) ordered materials. Since elliptically polarized undulator (EPU) of BL 13-3 offers more degree of freedoms for controlling x-ray polarizations (linear and circular), RSXS can also investigate a morphology effect of local domain/grain in materials. The detailed introduction of the RSXS end-station with further upgrade plans and several preliminary results will be touched.



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