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Optimal Parameters Needed for the Reconstruction of an STNV Virus Using 10 A° Wavelength XFEL Radiation with the Angular Correl
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Presenter Sung S. Kim
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Full Author List H.C. Poon, D.K. Saldin

Department of Physics University of Wisconsin Milwaukee


Saldin et al. showed in 2011 that it is possible to recover images of icosahedral viruses from the average angular correlations amongst diffraction patterns of unknown orientations. We repeat the calculations here, taking account of the effects of a curved Ewald sphere, the fact that the detectors form a Cartesian grid from which it is necessary to interpolate onto circles on each diffraction pattern, and assuming the particle orientations are random in SO3 (not necessarily uniformly distributed). We find excellent reconstructions in most cases with as few as 300 diffraction patterns (DPs)



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