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High-rep-Rate X-ray Scattering Measurements at Synchrotrons at 20 Picosecond Resolution
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Presenter Michael Kozina
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Full Author List Te Hu, Apurva Mehta, Michael Biegalksi, David Reis, Aaron Lindenberg

Stanford University


Time resolved x ray pump-probe capabilities have been developed at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource at megahertz repetition rates and with time-resolution less than 20 picoseconds, half an order of magnitude shorter than typical synchrotron x-ray pulses. A portable 1030 nm, 500 fs fiber laser system running at 1.28 MHz and synchronized to the electron bunches is used in conjunction with a low alpha lattice providing picosecond x-ray pulses. A unique hybrid low alpha mode enables high time-resolution measurements at high average currents enabling normal user experiments to be carried out in parallel. We have demonstrated the ability to perform laser pump/x ray probe experiments in both the standard operation of the ring and the low alpha mode configuration probing bismuth, BiFeO3, and Pb(Zr)TiO3 thin films. Experiments have been run at a number of different beamlines with both hard and soft x-rays. This source represents a complimentary source to x-ray free electron lasers, enabling high rep-rate measurements at lower peak powers.



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