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Solar Cell CIGS Minority Carrier Life Time Measurement by Time Correlated Single Photon Counting
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Presenter Aryeh Gold-Parker
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Full Author List Vanessa L. Pool, Christopher J. Tassone, Kevin H. Stone, Andrea Bowring, Eva Unger, Michael D. McGehee, Michael F. Toney



Hybrid perovskites, such as CH3NH3PbI3, have gone from efficiencies of 3-4% when they were first identified as a PV material in 2009, to an NREL measured efficiencies of over 17.9% in 2014, with most of that progress happening since 2012. Though these materials have been a hot area of research since 2012, the fundamental materials characterization has been lacking as the emphasis has been on creating the next record efficiency device. Correlating characterization with performance will enable rational design of these materials, paving the way for more efficient solar cells and hastening the adoption of this promising technology by industry.



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