List of Submitted Abstracts

Discuss the latest science, facility and instrument developments from LCLS and SSRL scientists and users during the poster session. Poster presenters are invited to make a quick (1 minute) pitch for their poster during the 'Poster Blitzat the end of the plenary session in Kavli Auditorium on Thursday, October 9. Be Creative!

See submitted abstracts below (click on 'Details' for more information). For questions regarding abstract(s), please email Lisa Dunn.

Last Name First Name Poster Abstract Title Details
Abdallah Bahige G. Microfluidic Tools to Study Membrane Proteins Details
Arcos Trinidad Cu(I) Binding to the Fragment 106-115 of the Human Prion Protein Details
Bacellar Camila Exploring the Origins of Vorticity in Superfluid Helium Nanodroplets by Ultrafast X-ray Coherent Diffractive Imaging Details
Basu Shibom

Time-resolved Serial Femtosecond Protein Crystallography - A Step Toward Elucidating Water Splitting Reaction

Batuk Olga N. "Hot" Particles Speciation Examination by Synchroton Based Techniques Details
Bean Richard Methods for Phasing Coherent Diffraction Patterns from Variable Size Nanocrystals Details
Boll Rebecca Time-Resolved Photoelectron Diffraction for Imaging Nuclear Dynamics in Gas-Phase Molecules Details
Bucher Maximilian Time-resolved Imaging of X-ray Induced Dynamics in Xe Clusters Details
Chen Sudi Electronic Structure of KxRhO2 Measured by Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy Details
Clinger Jonathan Photoreceptor Dynamics from Solution Studies Toward Time-Resolved X-ray Crystallography Details
Coe Jesse Elucidating Structural Mechanics of Membrane Proteins by TR-SFX Details
Conrad Chelsie New Sample Delivery Methods for Serial Femtosecond Crystallography Details
Das Debanu Production and Characterization of the Full-length LRH-1-DNA Complex Details
Doukov Tzanko Macromolecular Crystallography at Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource Details
Dublet Gabrielle Effect of Humic Substances on the Affinity of Ferrihydrite for U(VI) Details
Ferguson Ken R. X-ray Induced Dynamics in Nanometer Sized Clusters Probed with Ultrafast X-ray Scattering Details
Frank Matthias Fixed Target 2D and 3D Protein Crystallography at XFELs Details
Frank Patrick Brewed in Separated Kettles: Sulfur in Blood Cells of Ascidia ceratodes from Monterey Bay and Bodega Bay Details
Gerber Simon Direct Structural Characterization of Photo-induced Coherent Phonon Oscillations in BaFe2As2 Details
Gold-Parker Aryeh Controlling Perovskite Thin Film Morphology: Crystal Structure, Texture And Relative Crystallinity Details
Ha Yang Combine Metal K-edge and Ligand (S) K-edge XAS to Understand the Electronic Structures of V Complexes Details
Ha Yang Combine Metal K-edge XAS/EXAFS and Ligand (S) K-edge XAS Methods to Understand The Metal Ion Specific Response of NikR Proteins Details
Hashimoto Makoto Direct Spectroscopic Evidence for Phase Competition between the Pseudogap and Superconductivity in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+d Details
Hausladen Debra Visualizing Spatial Distribution of Biogenic Mn-oxides within Cr Soil Aggregates Using µ-XRF-imaging Details
Hayes Sarah Supplying Tellurium for Use in High Technology by Optimizing Current Mining Processes Details
Hutchinson Anthony J. BioXFEL Science and Technology Center: Biology with X-ray Free Electron Lasers Details
Jew Adam D. Mercury Interaction with the Fine Fraction of Coal Fly Ash in a Simulated Coal Power Plant Flue Gas Stream Details
Jang Hoyoung A New Capability at SSRL: Resonant Soft X-ray Scattering Details
Jiang Mason Anharmonic Phonon Dynamics in Lead telluride Details
Keiber Trevor Modeling Complex Vibrations in Arsenide and Oxy-Skutterudites Details
Kim Sung S. Optimal Parameters Needed for the Reconstruction of an STNV Virus Using 10 A° Wavelength XFEL Radiation with the Angular Correl Details
Kozina Michael High-rep-rate X-ray Scattering Measurements at Synchrotrons at 20 Picosecond Resolution Details
Kjaer Kasper Skov Elucidating Excited State Dynamics of Molecules in Solution with X-ray Free Electron Lasers Details
Kroll Thomas 1s2p RIXS on Ferrous and Ferric Bis-imidazole Porphyrin and Cytochrome c: Nature and Role of the Axial Methionine - Fe bond Details
Lawrence Robert Biological Inactivation of Sindbis Virus Particles and Effects on Nano-crystal Formation Details
LCLS Detector Group   ePix: A New Family of Cameras for LCLS Details
Lee James Significant Tc Enhancement in FeSe Films on SrTiO3 due to Interfacial Mode Coupling Details
Leuenberger Dominik Near Gap Excitation of the Amplitude Mode in CeTe3 Details
Li Heng Remote Two-color Optical-to-Optical Synchronization between Two Passively Mode-locked Lasers Details
Liang Winnie Investigation of Valence Tautomerism in Cobalt-Dioxolene Complexes Using Kβ X-ray Emission Spectroscopy Details
Lim Hyeongtaek Kβ X-ray Emission Spectroscopy of Copper Chloride Complexes Details
Martinez Nathan Daniel An EXAFS Analysis of the Thermoelectric Skutterudite SmOs4Sb12 Crystal Details
Matthews Irimpan I. Nanomount to Perform Serial Femtosecond Crystallography at XFELs Details
Miller Mitchell D. Visualization and Analysis of Diffuse Scattering from Protein Crystals Details
Mok Walter Solar Cell CIGS Minority Carrier Life Time Measurement by Time Correlated Single Photon Counting Details
Mok Walter Bunch Pattern Measurement via Single Photon Counting at SPEAR3 Details
Nast Patrick EXAFS Analysis of Sb Doped CePt4Ge12 Details
Nelson Joey M. Peering into Nanopores: XAS Studies of Zn Adsorption Under Confinement Details
Olmos, Jr Jose Luis Cloning, Expression, and Crystallization of Adenylate Kinase for Dynamic Studies using the X-ray Free Electron Laser Details
Pande Kanupriya Reconstruction of Difference Electron Density in a Pump-probe Experiment on an Ensemble of Biomolecules:Effects of Poisson Noise Details
Reid Alex Ultrafast Electron Diffraction at SLAC Details
Rotundu Costel R. High Pressure Effects on Single Crystals Electron-doped Cuprate Superconductor Pr2-xCexCuO4 Details
Roy-Chowdhury Shatabdi Femtosecond X-ray Crystallography of Phycobiliproteins Involved in Photosynthetic Energy Transfer Details
Savikhin Victoria Tracking Exciton and Free Carrier Dynamics in Organic Solar Cells Using XAS in a Pump-Probe Setup Details
Schaefer Michael V Sediment Characterization in a Seasonally Arsenic-contaminated Aquifer in the Jianghan Plain, China Details
Short Markus Understanding the Enhancement of the Figure of Merit of Ball Milled Skutterudites Details
Sobota Jonathan Electron and Lattice Dynamics in Topological Insulators Studied by Ultrafast Photoemission Spectroscopy Details
Tanyag Rico Mayro P. X-ray Diffraction Imaging of Quantum Vortices in Single Helium Droplets Details
van Driel Tim Brandt Time Resolved X-ray Scattering of Molecules in Solution: Approaching the Molecular Movie Details
Wibowo Sandi Reconstructing Structure of Single Diffraction Particle by Imposing Azimuthal Symmetry Details
Winick Herman An African Light Source Details
Yan James Spectroscopic Studies of Deacetoxycephalosporin-C Synthase Details
Yang Shuolong Temporal and Spectral Aignatures of Electron-Phonon Interactions in Cuprates Details
Ziemkiewicz Michael Controlling X-ray Induced Explosion Dynamics in Mixed Solid/Superfluid Clusters with X-ray Double Pulses Details